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Akeneo for E-commerce: Your Questions Answered

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This article answers the most pressing questions about how Akeneo and its PIM solution support the drive for excellence in customer experience, business efficiency and revenue growth. It outlines Akeneo’s credientials as robust eCommerce platform which equips you not only for competing effectively, but also scaling your operations as you grow into new markets. 

What is the importance of PIM in eCommerce?

In eCommerce, PIM systems like Akeneo are the backbone of marketing product information. Akeneo PIM acts as the single source of truth, avoiding manual updates of product information in the e-commerce platform. It manages “cold” product information (like descriptions and media), while “hot” information (like prices and stocks) is usually managed by ERP systems. This structured flow of information ensures cohesive and up-to-date product data on your e-commerce platform.

How does Akeneo support an omnichannel eCommerce strategy?

Akeneo PIM is integral for omnichannel e-commerce. It allows businesses to: 

  • Guarantee  consistent, contextual brand experiences across all channels. 
  • Centralise product information from various sources, allowing for
  • Efficiently manage product data across in-store, online, mobile, marketplaces, and more.


Akeneo’s API-based connectors and syndication solutions enable seamless integration with major e-commerce platforms, ensuring consistent product experiences.

What is the relationship between Akeneo PIM and DAM?

From version 4.0, Akeneo PIM has enhanced its media management capabilities, particularly in its integration with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. Akeneo can manage media internally or in conjunction with a DAM/CDN. The recommended approach for performance and optimization is using Akeneo with a DAM/CDN, where media is managed as URLs, facilitating smoother and more efficient transfer of media assets into the e-commerce solution.

How does Akeneo handle different product information for various channels?

Akeneo PIM allows for the customization of product information for different sales channels. You can enrich product descriptions, adapt images, and conform to specific channel requirements, ensuring that each channel offers an optimised product presentation. This flexibility is key to providing tailored experiences on each platform, from e-commerce sites to mobile apps and social selling.

How can Akeneo help to scale my eCommerce operations?

Akeneo is crucial for businesses scaling or migrating to new e-commerce platforms. It ensures that your new e-commerce platform is populated with pristine product information, accelerating time-to-market, and enhancing product experiences. It can partner with leading e-commerce platforms like Adobe, BigCommerce, Salesforce, and SAP, Akeneo also facilitates efficient and impactful e-commerce migrations.

Incorporating Akeneo PIM into your e-commerce architecture, whether it’s a simple ERP/PIM/eCommerce setup or a more complex ERP/DAM/PIM/eCommerce structure, is essential for efficient product information management. It enables a cohesive, multi-channel e-commerce strategy, ensuring that your products are accurately and attractively presented across all platforms.

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