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Sales Layer PIM Partner

Centralise, enrich and connect product data with Sales Layer PIM. Start with Data is the leading partner with Sales Layer, a fast-growing PIM (Product Information Management) SaaS company, providing a platform for data centralisation, automation and enrichment of product information. Together we help our clients accelerate time to market, boost sales and enhance their customer experience.

What is Sales Layer?

Sales Layer is based in Valencia, Spain. The company launched in May 2013 and its central offer is a cloud-based product and catalog management platform for eCommerce businesses. Sales Layer is a fast-growing PIM (Product Information Management) SaaS company, providing a platform for data centralisation, automation and enrichment of product information. Sales Layers growth has been accelerated due to a progressive but sudden shift toward digitisation. With various PIM tools, marketing and catalog teams can create personalised, accurate, up-to-date, and complete product information. It is generally regarded as the retail market’s most intuitive PIM platform.


Sales Layer offers a SaaS software that automates the complexity around product content management in a world where digital transactions are on the rise. In this new global commercial scenario, the key to optimise the shopping process and customer experiences is undoubtedly the quality of product content and the correct management of product catalogs, connected to hundreds of offline and online channels.

The Sales Layer platform

The principal features of the Sales LayerPIM platform offer several benefits: 

  1.   Using a simplified software as a service model for its cloud-based product data management solution, the Sales Layer PIM is above average in terms of user-friendliness. Maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades are managed in the background by distributed software teams.
  2.   Catalog storage in the cloud makes it simpler to get products syndicated into every potential sales channel. It also allows businesses to explore new channels with less complexity, uncertainty, or risk.
  3.   Pricing for Sales Layer is dependent on the number of users, connectors, and SKUs supported., so it is adaptive to requirements. Pricing is also transparent, with no hidden costs.
  4.   It provides easily scalable resources for rapid increases in volumes of SKUs and catalogs, as well as growth into new markets.
  5.   Support is available via documentation, an online help centre, and other resources.

Our Sales Layer PIM solutions

With  assisting businesses amplify their eCommerce potential, we’ve consistently identified a pivotal need – streamlined and efficient product, brand, and related data management. This is where our admiration for Sales Layer PIM stems. It doesn’t just provide timely product insights, but it puts this invaluable information at everyone’s fingertips. Every product. Every detail. For every individual.

Sales Layer’s PIM is more than a platform; it’s an empowerment tool. It propels businesses into the digital future, transforming mere online storefronts into holistic online enterprises. By centralizing and streamlining product info, it allows sales teams to focus on selling and marketing teams on innovative strategies.

The digital age demands agility and accuracy. Scouring for product details, trying to ensure they’re current, accurate, and comprehensive, is a wastage of time and resources. Often, the data excavated isn’t even reliable. Enter Sales Layer PIM: a user-friendly interface that consolidates all your product information, granting businesses unparalleled command over their catalogs.

Sales Layer Services offered by Start with Data

At Start with Data, we follow a comprehensive set of services for Sales Layer customers whether you are a new or existing customer.

Sales Layer Implementation >

As a trusted implementation partner, we bring extensive experience in successfully onboarding and training Sales Layer customers.

Sales Layer Integration >

Our expert team specialises in Sales Layer integration services, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their product data and drive growth.

Sales Layer Managed Services & Support >

We offer comprehensive managed services specifically designed to handle the day-to-day management of your Sales Layer account.

Sales Layer Demo >

Get a fully featured demo of the Sales Layer PIM platform.

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