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What is PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is a system for centralising, organising, and managing product information and product content. It streamlines sharing accurate, comprehensive product information across your sales and marketing channels, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.

How a PIM works

A PIM solution helps your business manage everything about your products, in a fast, efficient, and scalable way. With a PIM, your whole company can collaborate in a single way, getting product ready for sale on time and cost effectively.


Collect, import, and onboard product data from various systems like ERP, PLM and suppliers.


Classify products, measure data quality, govern user roles and workflows, and manage catalog completeness and publication control.


Enrich product descriptions, associate media, automate attribute enrichment, and localise information for various markets and channels.


Manage catalogs in one PIM system, select channel-specific attributes, connect through APIs, and syndicate catalogs to various marketplaces and channels.

PIM Benefits the whole enterprise

Deliver cost, time & quality benefits in your organisation.

Speed up product introductions

Better quality product data & customer experiences will help you generate more predictable revenue.

Automate integration

Reducing the manual overhead of managing priduct information reducing your operating costs.

Improve customer experience

Your customers are demanding accurate and complete product information.

Expand geographically

If your business is growing across geographies, markets or categories, we help do it efficiently.

Start with Data are experts in PIM. Whether you are researching PIM or looking to improve your existing PIM operations, we'd love to talk to you.

Learn about PIM Software

Our PIM solutions are specifically built for retailers, distributors and manufacturers to manage and distribute their product information.

Integrate your PIM

Our PIM integrations help our customers connect their commerce, ERP and other platforms to their PIM.

Use AI Product Enrichment

Our AI powered enrichment and merchandising solutions automate PIM use cases with Artificial Intelligence.

PIM Vendors

Learn about the best PIM vendors on the market, and get support selecting the right platform.

Get independeny knowledge from our experts

Our PIM experts are ready to talk