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Akeneo PIM Partner

Start with Data is your trusted partner for Akeneo PIM implementation and integration services. With our expertise, we specialise in helping businesses streamline their product content management across various channels using the Akeneo PIM platform.​

Akeneo Services offered by Start with Data

At Start with Data, we follow a comprehensive set of services for Salsify customers whether you are a new or existing customer.

Akeneo Implementation >

As a trusted implementation partner, we bring extensive experience in successfully onboarding and training Akeneo customers.

Akeneo Integration >

Our expert team specialises in Akeneo integration services, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their product data and drive growth.

Akeneo Managed Services & Support >

We offer comprehensive managed services specifically designed to handle the day-to-day management of your Akeneo account.

Akeneo Demo >

Get a fully featured demo of the Akeneo PIM platform.

What is Akeneo PIM?

The Akeneo PIM platform offers a comprehensive set of features designed to centralise and manage product content efficiently. With its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, Akeneo PIM empowers businesses to streamline their product information management processes. Key highlights of the Akeneo PIM platform include:

  • Product Data Centralisation: Akeneo PIM provides a centralised repository for all product data, allowing businesses to maintain a single source of truth. This ensures data consistency and accuracy across multiple channels.
  • Flexible Data Modelling: Akeneo PIM allows businesses to define and manage product attributes, categories, and relationships. Customise data models according to specific business needs, enabling accurate and structured product information management.
  • Product Enrichment: Akeneo PIM enables businesses to enrich product content with detailed attributes, specifications, and media assets. Add product descriptions, technical information, images, videos, and other media files to enhance the quality and depth of product information.
  • Localisation and Globalisation: Akeneo PIM supports multi-language and multi-region capabilities, allowing businesses to manage product content for different markets. Localise product information to resonate with target audiences and deliver personalised experiences.
  • Workflow and Collaboration: Akeneo PIM facilitates efficient collaboration among teams involved in product content management. Define workflows, assign tasks, and streamline content creation, editing, and approval processes to ensure smooth collaboration and faster time-to-market.
  • Digital Asset Management: Akeneo PIM includes robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities. Organise, tag, and manage media assets such as images, videos, and documents within the platform for seamless integration into product content.
  • Versioning and History: Akeneo PIM provides version control and revision tracking, allowing businesses to maintain a complete history of product content changes. Track and review changes, roll back to previous versions if needed, and ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Channel Syndication: Akeneo PIM enables businesses to distribute product content to various channels, including e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, print catalogs, and mobile apps. Ensure consistent and accurate product information across all sales channels.
  • Integration and API: Akeneo PIM offers flexible integration capabilities through APIs, allowing businesses to connect with other systems such as ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms. Achieve seamless data exchange, real-time updates, and eliminate manual data entry.

Akeneo PIM Features

  • Product Information Management: Manage and centralise all product data in one place, including attributes, categories, and relationships.
  • Data Modelling: Customise and define data models to fit specific business needs and structures.
  • Product Enrichment: Enhance product content with detailed attributes, descriptions, media assets, and localised information.
  • Workflow and Collaboration: Streamline content creation, editing, and approval processes with flexible workflows and task assignments.
  • Digital Asset Management: Manage and organise media assets within the platform for easy integration into product content.
  • Versioning and History: Keep track of changes, revisions, and maintain a history of product content modifications.
  • Channel Syndication: Distribute product content to multiple sales channels and ensure consistency.
  • Integration and API: Connect Akeneo PIM with other systems through APIs for seamless data exchange and real-time updates.

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