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Stibo Systems Partner for MDM Integrations & Consulting

Start with Data are consulting and system integrator partners with Stibo Systems, a Master Data Management platform that delivers consistent and enriched customer experiences across all sales channels. Together we implement the Stibo Systems platform, helping our clients improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce time to market, go global and boost team productivity​.

What is Stibo Systems?

The Stibo Group, headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, offers information management and print technology software for a range of business operations. The group operates internationally through its subsidiaries in Europe, North America, and Asia. Stibo Systems’ solutions are primarily targeted at large organisations with complex data management needs and requirements. The group’s mission is to enable data transparency, so that their customers can best leverage the strategic value of their master data.

Stibo Systems’ core focus is on Retail, Distribution, Manufacturing and CPG industries, so its solutions are configured and priced in line with the specific circumstances and requirements of a given customer.

The Stibo Systems Platform

Stibo Systems offers a range of data management solutions but specialises primarily in Product Master Data Management (MDM) with product information management (PIM) as a core component. This enables businesses to create a centralised single repository of high-quality product data to share and use with teams, processes, systems, business partners and consumers. Its multi-domain Product MDM provides a single source of data to power operational efficiency and enhanced product experiences for:

  • governance
  • compliance
  • data integrity


The three main pillars of the platform are:

  • Aggregation of all product, customer, location, supplier and other master data in a single, cloud-native SaaS, or on-premises solution for true data transparency
  • Assurance of data quality and governance to increase operational efficiency and agility, and to gain actionable insights across multiple data types to drive innovation and growth
  • Synchronisation and syndication of master data across multiple domains and ecosystems to enhance collaboration, accelerate digital transformation and improve customer experience

Stibo Systems MDM and PIM features

Stibo Systems & eCommerce​

Stibo Systems MDM is a perfect fit for eCommerce, as its multi-domain MDM solution has a PIM solution layered on top, providing a 360-degree view of product data. eCommerce is driven by omnichannel services and an outstanding customer experience, so Stibo System’s expertise in management, storage, integration, and deployment of high-quality data products positions its services within eCommerce best practices.

Stibo Systems Onboarding

Stibo System’s PIM speeds the exchange of reliable and trusted product data between retailers (receivers) and the range of business partners who send information – principally, suppliers, distributors, and content service providers. This cloud-native onboarding solution can support content aggregation from multiple sources, so suppliers can augment product information with CSP content.

Stibo Systems PIM capabilities

As a cloud-native, SaaS MDM solution, Stibo Systems PIM capability is easy to implement for core product data, as it is layered onto the MDM platform. It provides multiple preconfigured retail-enhanced data models, business rules, dashboards, and workflows to onboard, manage, process, and distribute product data to a guaranteed quality standard.

Stibo DAM solutions​

Stibo DAM solutions are covered by the inclusion of an integrated DAM, which powers the storage and retrieval of ever larger amounts of differing types of unstructured data – images, audio, video, animations, and other assets. This allows the user to control ownership rights, data integrity and compliance with copyright.

Stibo Systems MDM/PIM solutions integrate seamlessly across multiple systems and processes. It offers over 100 APUI connectors to industry-leading partners like Azure, Amazon, Qlik and Oracle.

Stibo Workflows

Stibo Systems enables preconfigured and automated workflows for content creation, product data enrichment and channel syndication. The driving force behind their design is founded on striving for ongoing updates to industry best practice for productivity and efficiency.

Stibo Data Model

Stibo Systems syndication aligns with the industry standards and ensures all trading partners adhere to those guidelines. This includes performance optimisation for GDSN (for onboarding and syndicating GS1 data formats) as well as enhanced support and updates for all major data standards, such as BMECat and ETIM.

Stibo Systems MDM is perfectly integrated with its PDX system (product data syndication platform), so the formatting of syndicated product information is consistent and compliant with any channel’s data standards and requirements.

Our Stibo Systems MDM / PIM solutions

As a partner with Stibo Systems, we at Start with Data will ensure that the features of your chosen Stibo Systems MDM/PIM solution will be configured with your needs as our central concern. By conducting detailed discovery work with your key stakeholders and decision-makers, we advise you on the processes, platform selection, and most suitable data modelling and technology requirements which align with your vision to realise the value of better product data management.

About Our Partnership

Start with Data are a key Stibo Systems consulting, implementation and system integration partner in the UK and Europe. We help retailers and distributors shape and deliver Stibo Systems implementations to create value for their business and customers.

By implementing Stibo Systems MDM, PIM, and product data intelligence solutions our clients gain the advantage of dramatically better data quality and accuracy, while simplifying and accelerating product catalog management. Our clients in retail and distribution can improve customer experience, increase sales, reduce time to market, go global, and boost team productivity. Start with Data clients rely on us to handle the analysis and implementation of complex data relationships and data modelling needed for a successful PIM implementation.

We bring years of experience and a proven method to every Stibo Systems implementation and are uniquely positioned to integrate Stibo Systems, to improve the quality and consistency of your product data to drive better customer experiences and bottom-line results.


Our Stibo Services

Sometimes knowing where to start with your data can be the toughest challenge of all. We help determine the right course to meet your business goals.

Implementing a Stibo PIM, MDM platform is not for the faint of heart. We deploy leading solutions and business change that drive business results.

Your systems landscape is constantly evolving. Ensure the data you move into your new systems meets your quality goals with our turnkey Stibo data migration service.

Augment your data onboarding & content enrichment with our data and content services to deliver high-quality, enriched data across your sales channels and systems

Your PIM and MDM platforms form the backbone of your data management systems. It’s essential that they stay up and running and tuned for maximum performance to minimise business disruption.